How to record images in .img format to an SD card on a Mac

If you ever tried to burn .img image file to an SD card on a Mac, then you know that you can not do this with standard programs. But do not worry, there is a great free program Etcher, with the help of which it is done as simply as possible.

We will talk about how to record images in .img format, but with Etcher you can do the same with the formats .img, .iso, .dmg, .zip, .dsk, .etch, .bin, .bz2, .gz , .hddimg, .raw, .rpi-sdimg, sdcard and xz.


The SD card will then continue to work properly.

How to write down. img files to SD card

  1. Download Etcher for free from the developer’s site.
  2. Install and run the program
  3. Click “Select Image” to select images.
  4. Click “Select Drive” to select the SD card.
  5. Click “Flash” to start recording.

The process may take some time depending on the size of the files. If you burn an image to 30GB on a 32GB memory card, it will take about an hour and a half. The program will notify you when the process is done.

After that, take out the SD card, and it will be ready for use for your purposes. Everything is very easy.

Note : Etcher automatically removes the mounted version of the image from the computer, but this feature can be disabled in the settings.

The Etcher program is available for Mac OS, Windows and Linux, so you can use it on different operating systems.

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