How and Why to Change WhatsApp Number

Is it possible to change your registered number on WhatsApp and not lose the conversation history and contacts? The answer is yes, but it is necessary to follow a simple procedure but that could create problems for less experienced users with the smartphone world.

In order to change the number on WhatsApp you do not need to use third-party apps, but just use the function integrated into the app. The procedure can be performed on all mobile platforms (Android, iOS and Windows Phone) and takes no more than five minutes. If you change your smartphone in addition to the phone number, you must back up your profile before changing the phone number on WhatsApp. The procedure that we will see shortly, must be done before installing WhatsApp on the new smartphone, otherwise, you will lose all the content present in the conversations.

How to change WhatsApp number on Android
To change the WhatsApp number on an Android smartphone, the first step is to open the application, press the icon with three vertical dots in the other right and then go to Settings. A new window will open and you will have to press on Account and then on Change number. At this point an informative message will appear, reminding you what to do before changing the phone number. By pressing Next, you will access a new page where you can enter the old phone number and the new one. To check the new phone number, WhatsApp will send you a verification code via SMS.

To verify that the passage of number has been executed perfectly, you will have to press the icon with your own profile picture present in the Settings. If there is a new mobile number in the “Info and phone number” box, then it means that the change has been successful.

How to change WhatsApp number on iOS

On the iPhone, the procedure to change the phone number on WhatsApp is very similar to the one just seen for Android. First, you need to launch WhatsApp on your smartphone and then press on Settings at the bottom right and then on Account. A new section will open and you must press on Change number. A message will appear informing you of the consequences of the migration of the number and then it will be necessary to enter the old and the new telephone number. Concluded this step you will receive a verification SMS to confirm the change of the mobile number. To check that everything has been successful, you can enter the Settings, press on your profile photo and check the mobile number in the Phone number section.

Because you change the number on WhatsApp

The Change Number feature was developed by WhatsApp to give users the opportunity not to lose their conversations even if they change their mobile number. If you decide to change your smartphone, in addition to the Change number function you must also backup WhatsApp to not miss any important conversation. By completing the change of the number, the old account will be deactivated automatically.

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