Best Linux Distributions for Beginners

A majority of computer users have this concept that Linux is not user-friendly and only experts shall use it. But this is not the real situation. There is the distribution which makes it very easy to use Linux as your daily use operating system. In most of the cases, it’s the user who is totally new to Linux and even doesn’t know basics of this operating system.

This article is especially for those who have no idea on what else you can do with your Linux installed computer instead of Windows or Mac OS.

Best distributions for new users

Please note that there is no special order in this list. The main criteria for compiling this list is the ease of installation, ease of use and availability of software packages.


If you are ever searched for Linux on the internet, greater are the chances that you have already heard about Ubuntu. Ubuntu is one of the leading Linux distributions and it’s almost the perfect distribution to start your journey in Linux.

Ubuntu was labeled as Linux for the human. This is because Ubuntu has already put a lot of effort into universal usability. Ubuntu does not require you to be a child. It breaks the notion of the Linux command line – for programmers, and this is one of the main features.

Ubuntu offers a very convenient installation procedure. The installer simply asks for language selection. You can even try Ubuntu before you begin the installation procedure. The installation program provides simple options:

  • Erase Disk and Install Ubuntu
  • Installing Ubuntu next to the existing OS (the choice is given every time you start to select the OS to boot).
  • Customize sections for users who know what they are doing.

Initial advice: Choose the second option if you are not sure what to do.

The user interface in Ubuntu is called Unity. This is a very simple desktop shell. Launch and favorite applications are available on the dock on the left side (the so-called “Dash”) and search for applications that are performed when you click the Super button (Windows) or by clicking on the Ubuntu logo.

In Ubuntu, there is no problem with installing the drivers. Hardware detector detects the hardware and installs the optimal driver after downloading it from the internet. In addition, the installed system comes with all the basic software, such as a music player, video player, office suite and other useful programs.

Ubuntu has great documentation and public support. Forums Ubuntu and Ask Ubuntu provide significant quality support in almost all aspects related to Ubuntu. And it is very likely that any question that you want to ask can already be answered by someone.

If you decide to install Ubuntu, then download this distribution, you can on the official site.

Download Ubuntu 16.04

Linux Mint Cinnamon

Linux Mint is the number one distro on Distrowatch. And he deserved it, as millions of people use this distro. It’s elegant and provides an excellent computing experience out of the box.

Linux Mint boasts a working environment Cinnamon. New Linux users who are still in the process of learning about Linux software will be able to appreciate Cinnamon. All software is easily grouped by category.

Linux Mint is fast and works fine on older computers. Linux Mint is built on the basis of Ubuntu. It uses the same software repository as Ubuntu.

Users of Windows 7 really like Linux Mint as their desktop is very similar to the desktop Windows 7. A similar toolbar, a similar menu, similar tray icons, and everything is ready to make Windows users feel at home.

Do you want Linux mint cinnamon 18.1? Then rather go to the official website.

Download Linux Mint 18.1

Zorin OS

Most computer users are Windows users and when a Window’s user gets Linux, there’s a fair amount of ‘learning processes’ that the user must go through.

Zorin OS is a Ubuntu-based distribution, with a well-polished distribution of Linux, which is well suited for users migrating from Windows. Although every Linux distribution can be used by everyone, however, some people are not accustomed to Linux’s environment and Zorin OS makes this transition easier for you.

Package managers at first seem to Linux beginners, something supernatural. That’s why Zorin OS comes with a huge list of pre-installed software. All you need is already installed in Zorin OS.

Zorin OS comes with an amazing theme change function. It offers some heavy tuning options with presets to make your OS similar to Windows 7, XP, 2000 or even Mac.

These features make Zorin OS, the best Linux distribution for beginners.

Go to the official website for downloading the latest version of Zorin OS.

Download Zorin OS 12

Elementary OS

Since we looked at distributions for Windows users, let’s look at something for MacOS users. Elementary OS very quickly rose in the rating and is now always included in the list of the best distributions, and all thanks to its aesthetic essence. Inspired by the look of MacOS, Elementary OS is one of the most beautiful Linux distributions.

Elementary OS is another distribution based on Ubuntu, which means that the operating system itself is undoubtedly stable. The Elementary OS is provided with the Pantheon working environment, and you can immediately notice the similarities with MacOS. This is an advantage for MacOS users who switch to Linux, as they will feel very comfortable with this distribution, and this really makes it easier to overcome this change.

The menu is very simple and customizable according to the user’s preferences. The operating system is not intrusive, so you can really focus on your work. It comes with very little pre-installed software and any new user will not be distracted by the huge bells and whistles, but he will have everything he needs out of the box. For additional software, Elementary OS provides a neat AppCenter, which is affordable and easy to use. All in one place. You can get all the software that you want, and perform an update in just a few clicks.

You should try it. You can download Elementary OS on the official website.

Download Elementary OS Loky

Linux Mint Mate

A large number of people who come to Linux are trying to revive old computers. In the operating system Windows 10, many computers that had decent characteristics just a few years ago became incompetent. And if you are looking for a distribution that would resurrect your old computer, then look towards Linux Mate.

Linux Mint Mate is very light, not demanding, but still polished distribution. It can run smoothly on weak computers. The environment of the desktop will not bring you bells and bells. But in no way is inferior in functionality as compared to any other desktop environment. The operating system is not intrusive and allows you to work productively without losing quality.

Again, Linux Mint Mate is based on Ubuntu and has the advantage of a huge database of solid Ubuntu software repositories. It comes with a minimum amount of essentials that are pre-installed. Simple installation of drivers and management of the system configuration is very affordable even for beginners.

You can run Linux Mint Mate even if you have 512 MB of RAM and 9 GB of free hard disk space (the more, the better).

If you have already made up your mind, you can download Linux Mint Mate from the official website.

Download Linux Mint 18.1 Mate

Manjaro Linux

Before you say that you can not send a newbie to such a complex distro as ArchLinux, first listen to me.

Arch is considered a distribution for experts, only because of a very complicated installation procedure. Manajro and Arch Linux share a common origin. But they are pretty much different in everything else.

Manajro Linux has a very new friendly installation procedure. Many things are automated, such as installing a driver using the “Hardware discovery”. With the help of Manjaro, you will forget what the search for drivers for installing drivers, which torments many other Linux distributions. And even if you have questions, Manjaro has amazing community support.

Manjaro has its own software repository, which supports the latest software, and for users, this is one of the priorities. One of the main differences between Arch and Manjaro is that Manjaro delays package releases to make sure that they are absolutely stable and will not cause regression. You can also access the Arch User Repository on Manjaro, in which everything you need is available.

Manjaro Linux comes with XFCE, KDE, Gnome, Cinnamon and even DDE (Deepin Desktop Environment), and many more desktop environments that you can look at the official website.

To install any of the above-operating systems, you need to create a bootable USB flash drive, and for Windows users, there is a very large number of utilities, but if you use MacOS, then this article will help you.

Download Manjaro Linux

And what was your first distribution? Share in the comments, I think it will be interesting.

Authored By Imran Yousaf

I am Imran Yousaf, a computer geek, founder of the site I am a die hard fond of open-source software and Linux operating system. In addition to Linux, I am interested in everything related to information technology and modern science.

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