What is FPV Drone Racing

First Person View (FPV) drone racing is gaining popularity day by day due to the thrill and excitement attached to it. There are drone racing leagues (DRL) that arrange such events and you must have heard about such events organized in Dubai.

Its a type of race where racers or participants strive to build the extremely fast drone with the camera attached to it that streams live video footage and racers view that video on their goggles.

Since the end of 2013, fans have chosen the first person view, as it allows to fly the racing drones in a more thrilling way and allows you to fly it through narrow spaces while avoiding the crash.

Important Features of a Racing Drone.

There are many features that distinguish a normal drone from a racing model, let’s discuss all the main differences.

Parts for Racing Drone

  • Speed: Obviously, you need a fast drone. Usually, they a simple drone have a maximum speed of 56 km/h but the racing ones go beyond 80 km/h. To reach this speed there are some precautions to remember. The easiest way is to use more powerful batteries with higher voltages. It could also reduce weight and eliminate GPS, particularly long cables, heavy landing gear etc.
  • Visual: The FPV camera is one of the most important components of these races. We must remember that the camera is perfectly angled: the force of acceleration pushes the quadrocopter slightly forward, for this reason, the camera must be positioned appropriately. As for the FPS, they must strictly be 60, and the field of vision must be vast.
  • Flight controllers: A lot of fans forget a fundamental part of the race with drones, the controller. He is responsible for stability. Particular attention must also be paid to the firmware, many choose CleanFlight, considered the best available. You can find the firmware directly from their official website.
  • Duration and reparability: When you want to run, you must also evaluate any damage, almost inevitable. Someone can beat more, someone less, but it will happen to everyone sooner or later. To avoid major damage, you must look for a light but at the same time resistant frame. In addition, the aesthetics and the spare parts must be easily replaced.

Learn to Fly Drones

After the purchase racing drone, the next step is to learn how to fly it. You should start flying without using FPV feature in short distance so that you have full control and vision of drone.

When you master at least the basic flying techniques, then you can turn on the camera and enjoy the thrill of the first person view.

If you are not very skilled, you better to fly it away off from humans, animals, buildings and so on. You should read your local authorities and regulations which are almost mandatory in these cases.

You can choose a park, abandoned building or an open space that is isolated and you can have fun using the maximum speed.

Isn’t Fun, huh?

Many have fun getting the best time on a path, others explore the world from entirely new perspectives. For us, FPV in racing drones is a world to explore. Whether it is a circuit, a simple lap to shoot with the camera or a test to do freestyle, the racing experience is truly unique.

Watch these guys as they have fun with their racing drones!

Authored By Imran Yousaf

I am Imran Yousaf, a computer geek, founder of the site Smashinglab.com. I am a die hard fond of open-source software and Linux operating system. In addition to Linux, I am interested in everything related to information technology and modern science.

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