How to See Netflix offline

Netflix is one of the best streaming services in the world. Its catalog includes many interesting titles – including many series available in absolute exclusive -, the quality of streaming is excellent even on low-speed connections and the usability of the service is at the top on all platforms: computers, smartphones, tablets, Smart TV, Chromecast, video game consoles etc.

There was only one flaw that made many users turn up their noses: the impossibility of downloading the contents offline. Well, even this defect has been eliminated. To the delight of all users who love watching movies and TV series on the move or via their PC, Netflix has, in fact, introduced the possibility to download content offline on smartphones and tablets.

The function is available on all major mobile platforms ( Android starting from version 4.4.2 and iOS starting from version 8.0) and on all PCs equipped with Windows 10. At the moment it is not available for all content but includes all the originals of the platform and many movies. Then it’s free, meaning that it does not require any particular subscription! In short: you can download your favorite movies and TV series offline by continuing to pay what you have always paid. How you do it? Follow the directions on how to see Netflix offline that you find below and you’ll find out in no time.

How to enable offline support on Netflix

To activate the download function in Netflix, all you need to do is install the latest version of the app on your device.

Then open the store of your smartphone (or your tablet), search Netflix within the latter and, if necessary, presses the Update button to download the latest version of the application. Support for offline content was introduced globally on 30 November 2016, so any version of Netflix released from that date is fine.

If you have an Android device that does not include the Google Play Store, you can update Netflix by downloading the apk package for the latest version of the application and installing it on your smartphone/tablet. To download the apk file of Netflix uses the  APKMirror website, while to install the app.

The same procedure must also be performed for Android devices subject to the root procedure and/or with the bootloader unlocked. Starting from version 5.0 of the app for Android, Netflix is no longer available on the Play Store for all those who have an “unlocked” device (all to ensure the proper functioning of DRM that Netflix uses to protect its contents on the system of the green robot). To bypass this limitation, you can resort to the APK package of the app, as I explained above, but you do not know yet how the procedure will be valid: at the moment Netflix 5.x, if installed via APK package, also works on devices unlocked by root, but things should be changed in the future.

If you have a PC equipped with Windows 10, you have to open the Windows Store, look for the official Netflix app and install it (or update it to the latest version available) by pressing the appropriate button. Unfortunately, you can not access the download function if you use Netflix directly from the browser and/or if you have a version of Windows other than Windows 10.

How to download from Netflix

Once you have updated the official Netflix app, all you have to do is start it and find the content you want to download offline. As already mentioned in the opening of the post, not all movies and TV series can be downloaded. To find out what content is available for download presses the  button located at the top left of the main Netflix screen and select the  Available for download from the bar that appears on the side.

Alternatively, if you prefer, you can search for any content (a movie, a TV series, a documentary, a series of souls, etc.) and find out if this is available for download simply by checking if under its description – or next to the title of each episode that composes it – an arrow is present.

The arrow icon is the one that allows you to start downloading content on Netflix. Once you have identified the film, the series or the documentary of your interest, then press the arrow icon that is below its description (or next to the title of one of his episodes, if it is a series) and wait a few minutes for the unloading to be completed.

To follow the progress of downloads presses the  button located at the top left and select the item  My downloads from the bar that appears on the side. Next, select the title of the film or series you are downloading and on the screen that opens you can follow the progress of the download in real time.

By default, content will be downloaded in standard definition and only under a Wi-Fi network. If you want to increase the quality of the vision and/or enable the download under the 3G / 4G network, go to the Netflix settings (just press the button on the top left and then on the Settings app item at the bottom of the bar that appears on the side) and adjust the settings for  Video Quality and Download as you see fit.

If you use an Android terminal with expandable memory, pressing the Download location option can also set the download of contents on the SD card instead of the main memory of your device.

Note:  if you use an iPhone or an iPad, whose multitasking system tends to close all applications that are not in the foreground within a few minutes, keep the device on and Netflix open until the download reaches 100%. Otherwise, you risk that the download is interrupted.

How to watch Netflix offline

Once you have downloaded your favorite content, to see Netflix offline you have to do is press the  button located at the top left and select the item  My downloads from the bar that appears to the side. Then you have to select the title of the film or series you want to see and you have to press on the thumbnail of the work or episode to be played. That’s all!

When there is no Internet connection available, the Netflix app should automatically open in offline mode and show you directly to the “My Downloads” menu.

Note:  at present, the contents downloaded from Netflix do not have any other deadlines or limits. However, if you do not log in to Netflix for more than 30 days, they are automatically disabled (so to see them offline you have to download them again).

How to delete Netflix offline files

Like all videos, even movies and series downloaded from Netflix tend to occupy a lot of space on the memory of our devices. Therefore, after you have finished watching a movie or episode downloaded offline, it is highly recommended to delete it from the device.

To delete a previously downloaded content from Netflix presses the  button located at the top left and select the item  My downloads from the bar that appears on the side. Then press the Edit button or the pencil icon located at the top right, select the contents to be removed and press the trash icon or “x” to confirm the deletion (icons and buttons change depending on whether you are using Android, iOS or Windows 10).

Would you like to cancel all the videos downloaded from Netflix in one go? No problem. All you have to do is press the  button located at the top left and select the item  Settings app from the bar that appears on the side.

Next, you have to “tap” on the item  Delete all downloads, confirm deletion of the contents downloaded from Netflix and you’re done. What else to say? Run to select your favorite content on Netflix and always take it with you thanks to the application offline download function!

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