How to Check Your Android Phone for Spyware

We can suffer from applications that spy on us and record all our activities on smartphones. Such applications are called spyware and the possible existence of such app in our cell phones could be due to the people close to us, friends, family or even our partner. What can we do to detect this type of intrusion to our privacy without our consent?

Follow our advice to detect the possible existence of spyware that can collect or steal our personal data or record our calls.

The first step to detect possible invasions in our privacy is to know exactly what is needed so that someone can access our personal data of the mobile. For this, it will be necessary that someone has physical access to our smartphones so that they can install some type of spy application, apps that are usually paid.

Another possibility is that you install some type of spy app without knowing it through the practice known as phishing, that is, through a message through WhatsApp, Facebook or another social network or even through email, inviting you to install an app on your mobile phone.

Luckily, it is relatively easy to detect a spy application on the mobile, since there are apps that can easily identify such spyware but they come with a price tag.

Follow the following tips to identify spy apps on your mobile.

Detect possible spy apps on your Android

Here we offer a series of possible effects of spy apps that can modify the behavior of your Android phone.

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Control your installed applications

It is the simplest and most obvious step, and that is when you install an application on your mobile, your access icon appears in the drawer or main page of the apps menu. If you detect an application in your main menu that you have not installed, it is possible that you have a spy app installed. Unfortunately, most of these apps are installed in hidden mode without leaving a trace of their icon on the main screen; Follow with the following tips to detect your presence.

Check the battery consumption of the mobile

Another feature that can betray a spy app is particularly high consumption of the terminal’s battery, reducing its autonomy. And is that if you detect that the battery of the phone lasts less than usual, it may be that there is an application running in the background, in hidden mode; What we must now find out is whether it is a normal and legal app or a spy app.

To be safe or secure, go to Settings on your mobile phone and go to the Battery section. Thanks to this menu you can see the percentage of remaining battery and a list of apps that consume battery and its impact on the autonomy of the terminal. If you detect an app that consumes resources constantly and does not appear in the list of installed applications, start to doubt.

Over Heating

High resource consumption of app as discussed in the previous step usually causes overheating, So, if you feel that your phone gets hotter than usual, it is likely that an app is spending resources uninterrupted, even when you do not use your mobile.

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Review the use of application data

Spy apps, like any other app, need a certain data consumption; To detect a possible strange app that consumes a certain amount of data, go to Settings on your Android device and access Networks and Internet. Within this menu, click on Use of data to see which apps are connected to the internet and their data consumption; if you detect some strange application, think badly.

Quality of the sound of calls

Another characteristic that can betray a possible spy app that records voice calls is if said voice calls, after a certain moment, are heard badly, with a sound quality lower than usual, or even if strange sounds are heard during the duration of the same, a possible demonstration that someone may be recording our calls without our consent.

Strange behavior and terminal errors

We can detect anomalous mobile behavior such as operating system errors, strange notifications, unexpected reboots or some kind of unusual navigation of the internet browser of our terminal. In this sense, it is important to check the internet browser history of our mobile phone to detect possible visits to strange or unknown sites.

How to uninstall spy apps from the mobile

Normally, we can uninstall this type of applications in the traditional way, that is, through the mobile apps menu and clicking on Uninstall in the app itself. On other occasions, we must resort to specialized applications to find and remove apps of unknown origin that may be malware or phishing. Although the definitive solution will be to return the mobile phone to its factory state, completely reestablishing its operating system in order to eliminate any possible root threat; yes, remember to backup your personal data or multimedia files such as photos or videos!

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