5 Best Free WordPress Backup Plugins

Do you have a backup of your blog? This is one of the most important questions that is asked when it’s too late especially when a recovery is needed because everything is lost. In this article, we will discuss the best WordPress backup plugins to make your work safe.

You realize the importance of backup copies only when they are not there, and that’s why it’s good to run the fixes by installing a free and automatic WordPress backup system.

Options for the best free WordPress backup plugins that make backups of all your blogs, databases, and files are available along with premium solutions. This article is focused on the cost-free plugins that are a great solution for most blogs built with WordPress.

Best Free WordPress Backup Plugins

As with all the most common backup features, there are thousands of free plugins, each with specific features. Those I propose you today are the most complete and easy to use free ones. Here they are.

UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin


It is one of the most used plugins in the world. It comes in both free and premium. The features of the free version are:

  • WordPress backup of files and databases
  • Translated into more than 16 languages
  • Restore as simple as backup
  • backup in Dropbox, Google Drive, FTP, S3, Rackspace or Email

The premium version adds additional cloud storage and various features such as migrating and encrypting the backup file.

BackWPup Free


The main feature of this plugin is that it creates a WordPress backup in a single compressed file. There are so many backup options, and configuration is one of the simplest. The main features of the free version are:

  • Database backup
  • Export WordPress XML file
  • Generate a file with the list of installed plugins
  • Database Optimization, Control, and Repair
  • Backup in zip, tar, tar.gz, tar.bz2 (you need gz, bz2, ZipArchive)
  • Save the backup to a folder
  • Saving backups to the FTP server
  • Copy backup to Dropbox
  • Backup in Cloud S3, Microsoft Azure, RackSpaceCloud and SugarSync
  • Sending the log via email
  • Supported the Multi-site

Backup & Restore Dropbox


If you are looking for a plugin that allows WordPress backup only locally or on Dropbox, this is for sure the best. It does not use other cloud storage as the plugins described above, so the configuration interface is minimized and the features are specific to DropBox.

Other interesting features are:

  • Unlimited backups on both Dropbox and local
  • Simple and safe recovery
  • Complete check on folders or files to exclude (log or cache files)
  • Create a backup only for the WordPress database
  • Log on screen or on a file
  • Use Dropbox APIs to access the server
  • Functions visible only by Admins



BackUpWordPress is a plugin that backs up an entire WordPress site and its database in a scheduled way. One of the features that make this backup plug-in interesting is that it works on WordPress Hosting with Linux and even with Windows Server.

Some interesting features are:

  • Simply to use and does not require any setup
  • It has a very small impact on server memory
  • You can set multiple backups at different times
  • Use compression to save disk space
  • You can exclude files or folders from WordPress backup
  • Translations available in various languages.



It is a WordPress backup plugin available in a premium version but also in a community version. Although the premium version is provided with more useful features. Main features are:

  • It’s easy to use. One click and you’re already operating
  • Initial setup is not necessary
  • Fast Backup
  • Unlimited backups
  • Ideal for sites with a lot of content
  • Allows backup interruption with space recovery
  • Email me the result of the transactions
  • Backup compressed
  • Few resources required
  • Works on WordPress Linux or Windows Hosting

Whatever the plugin you will use for WordPress backup, remember that your data is very important, so make sure your blog’s backup copies are safe.

Authored By Imran Yousaf

I am Imran Yousaf, a computer geek, founder of the site Smashinglab.com. I am a die hard fond of open-source software and Linux operating system. In addition to Linux, I am interested in everything related to information technology and modern science.

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